World Choir Games

World Choir Games

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Welcome to the photo Website of the 7th World Choir Games. There are several ways you can enjoy this site:

  1. You can always search for your choir, country, musical category or venue.

  2. You can check out the most recent 2012 World Choir Games photos uploaded to the site.

  3. You can take part in challenges by picking your favorite photos (below). You can even sign up for your own account and enter your own photos.

  4. And when the 2012 World Choir Games are over, we will produce a unique memory book with hundreds of photos capturing the magic of this special event that you can purchase now.

One thing to keep in mind: The World Choir Games photos are part of a bigger Website called Capture Cincinnati, which displays photos from all over Greater Cincinnati in a variety of categories.

Challenge over, that's a wrap folks! We ended up with 7,152 photos and 28,867 votes

Winners will be announced soon, check back often!