Has anyone ever shot with a lensbaby? I'm taking newborn pics in 2 weeks and I'm looking into renting a lens. Any suggestions?

Hi Diana,

I shot with one at Photographer's night at the butterfly show a couple of years back. I liked it, but there are limited uses in my opinion. I could see maybe a few shots at a newborn shoot with a lensbaby. There are different lensbably lenses--I believe I tried the composer. I had read that they are tricky to use, but I personally had no problems figuring it out. You do have to tinker to get the focus and effects the way you want around your subject, which might work if the baby is sleeping or for close-up shots of baby feet or hands, but sometimes you just need to be able to snap that shot on the fly with babies. How much does it cost to rent? That would be the deciding factor for me.

Just saw your post in the macro group, too asking about macro lenses. For macro shots I have to say I tested out a 105mm macro lens (nikon, but Canon has a similar lens). They cost just under a grand to buy, not sure how much to rent. A cheaper option, but not specifically macro lens is an 85mm, which I bought, and now I wish I had bought the 105mm. The 85 is great, but you can't be too close to the subject to shoot, and there's just something that isn't as great with the 85mm. As far as the lensbaby goes, if you can go to dodd camera they may let you try one out in store?--though I am not sure if they carry them. I would favor a dedicated macro lens over the lensbaby, but sometimes the $ is a deciding factor (understandably so).

Hope I have helped even just a smidge!

My sister has a 105, & I'm hoping to borrow that from her. & yes, your comment helped a LOT!!!! Thank you ;)

Yes, the 105 would be the prime choice for me! Nice that you can use that for free!