Hey everyone! Just a reminder that this Saturday night, May 4th at 6 pm we are gathering at The Famous Neon's Unplugged to discuss group business and info about shows that we are going to have here. Everyone is welcome!

For further info or directions, bug Bill on the Misfits With Cameras facebook page. :)

I think I can Make that!!

Hello all,,,, please read a recent update on my profile… I just want for you all to know too, how grateful I have meet all of you, Marcia too,,, the sharing.. Sorry I have not been able to go to a "showing" at Arnold's yet,, but someday, someday, when you least expect, you might just see a crazy old man there…. ;) Love to you all….

We don't "show" at Arnold's anymore Timmy! We are working on starting a few shows up at Neon's. :) But you know, it's okay to drop by Arnold's, since Arnold's is AMAZING.

oh when your all not there, right.. hmmmpf

what's the date? mmm, the rain one..

Well I'm at Arnold's every Friday now that I'm working there. But our next photographers' night out is Saturday June 8th!

can i bring my pano's with me?? i never go any where without my pano's

Bring whatever you want Timmy. :)