Bryan Corey Admin

Welcome to the Photo Critiques forum. Part of the fun of this site as a whole is learning how to become a better photographer by taking in feedback from other people. This forum is the spot for you to seek out feedback on your photos to hone your photography skills.

From the photography professional with immense pride in their work, to the budding photographer who is self-conscious about every shot, it's a vulnerable position to put one's self in to ask for honest feedback about what is and isn't working in a photo. So, to help ensure this remains a useful discussion spot, we have some ground rules to observe in this forum:

  • For those critiquing: Don't be mean. It sounds easy enough, but truly think about what you say. Constructive criticism is able to refine and improve without being hurtful. Rudeness, disrespectfulness, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Of course a person would not ask for a critique if they weren't looking to get better, so don't only supply buttery-soft compliments.
  • For those asking for critiques: Don't be overly sensitive. By asking for a critique you acknowledge that people will be openly discussing what they don't like, or would change, about your photo. If you don't want to hear what could improve, don't post your photos here.
  • Post only your own photos as the topic of the critique. If you would like to use another photo from the site, or elsewhere on the internet, to illustrate a point being made in a response, that is fine (with proper attribution).
  • Use the largest size when posting your photos for critiques as it gives the people critiquing the most information to work with.
  • Understand that much of photography, as with any art-form, is subjective. There may not be a right answer or solution.
  • Keep the discussions on the topic of critiquing the photo at hand.
  • Follow the rest of the general forum rules.

How to post a photo for critique:

There are two ways to post your photo; both result in the same code being entered into the body of the topic or reply. The first is clicking the button with the photos icon just above the text box used to write the body of a new topic or reply. This will ask for the url to a photo's page on the site, and allow you to select a size to display the photo, which should be left on the largest for photo critiques.

The second option is to write your own markdown code that will result in the photo by using the ID of the photo you would like to post and the special photo markdown tag we have provided. You would simply type !p[photo-id] where you would like the photo to appear in your post, replacing 'photo-id' with the photo's actual ID. The ID of a photo is the number represented in the url, such as /photos/12345.