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What is a gallery?

A gallery is a showcase of photography curated by a Capture Cincinnati member or group of members. The idea is to present a beautiful display of photography for all to enjoy! Galleries can feature broad topics or narrow topics, or focus on an event, a place... the options are virtually limitless. Check out some galleries to get an idea of the possibilities.

Whose photos can be included in a gallery?

All Capture Cincinnati photos can be added to a gallery. You could make a gallery featuring only your own photos, but that would be fairly self-serving and limit the power of a gallery. Instead, we encourage you to seek out photos from other photographers and compile the photos into a gallery.

What's the curation concept in a gallery?

To curate means to select, organize, look after and present items in a collection. We couldn't think of a more perfect term to describe the idea behind galleries. A gallery curator should be purposeful in his or her selection of photos, taking care to order the photos just right, add commentary as to why a photo was selected where appropriate and be proud of the gallery presentation.

Who can curate a gallery?

Anyone! When you create a gallery, you're the lead curator. Accept the title with pride and do your best to create and curate the most awesome gallery ever! If you'd like, you can invite other Capture Cincinnati users to curate the gallery with you. Let others share the vision for your gallery and watch it grow into something better than you imagined!

How do I create a gallery?

Galleries are photo-driven, so you must start with a photo that inspires you to create a gallery. From a photo page, click the more button above the photo (auto flow must be off), then click add to a gallery. The popup box will show you all galleries you currently curate (which will be empty if you have none) and you'll see a new gallery button at the bottom. Click that, then give your gallery a name and description, then you're well on your way. You can optionally add a comment as to why you chose the photo for the gallery, which helps make the gallery that much more personal and unique. From there, simply find additional photos to add to your gallery, then edit your gallery's order and lead image, then publish it for all to see!

How do I add curators to my gallery?

On the gallery edit page, click on the edit curators button, then search for Capture Cincinnati users by name or username.

How do I reorder photos in my gallery?

On the gallery edit page, each photo in your gallery is presented in a row. On the right side of each row, you'll see an icon with three lines. Click and drag that icon to reorder photos.

How do I set the lead photo for my gallery?

On the gallery edit page, hover over the thumbnails on the left and click the photo you'd like to make the lead photo.

How do I add my own comments to photos in my gallery?

When you add a photo to a gallery, you are presented with the option to add your own comment as to why you picked the photo for your gallery, what the photo means to you or what you like about the photo. If you skipped that step when adding the photo, you can always add your comments on the gallery edit page underneath each photo's title and photographer.

Why is my gallery a draft?

When you create a new gallery, it is created as a working draft. This allows you time to go find additional photos for your gallery, add your comments to some of your selections, order the photos in the gallery just the way you want, and so on. When everything is perfect, click the save and publish button. At that point, your gallery can be enjoyed by everyone!

Can I add photos to a gallery after it's published?

Yes! One of the cool things about galleries is that it can be an ongoing curation of a subject or theme. If you curate a gallery on yellow flowers, you can be on the lookout for new yellow flower photos to add to the gallery. In this way, galleries are living things that showcase curated photography on an ongoing basis!