Privacy Policy

What You can expect from us:

  1. We will not give out Your personal information to anyone, ever (except, of course, subject to a valid order of a court or government agency having jurisdiction (hereinafter "The Law")).
  2. Your correct email address is required when You register. This is to ensure everyone has one unique user, and is able to sign up only once. Your email address may be used to send You communication about Your submission and/or the project, but will not be used for any third-party promotional material, unless you've agreed to receive it. To ensure You don't receive any unsolicited email from companies who have robots scouring the internet looking for email addresses, Your email address is never made public on Our Website, unless you list your email address as an identity.
  3. Your first and last name is required when You register. This is so We can correctly attribute the photos when they are displayed on the Website. We may also use Your name, email address and other contact information in order to contact You for obtaining permission for other uses of Your photos, if any.
  4. Your IP address is reported by Your browser when You register, and recorded in Our database. We record this for the purpose of ensuring a fair vote. We take a close look at votes throughout the Contest. Having each user's IP address means We can be sure a malicious user isn't skewing the vote. Your IP address will not be linked to Your name, username, or email address publicly. In fact, We will never make any IP addresses public.
  5. We store a unique cookie given to Us by Your browser. This cookie does not pass any confidential information to us. We use this cookies system to keep You logged in across all pages. If Your browser rejects cookies, You will not be able to login or store site preferences.
  6. We won't share Your user details with anyone, unless We are compelled to by subpoenas, warrants & etc., (see The Law, above). It may be necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual illegal activities, including without limitation, fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of Our terms of use, or as otherwise permitted or required by law. We may share generic demographic information with business partners, but no personally identifiable information will ever be used without Your permission.
  7. You can change Your profile information at any time, but You must not misrepresent Yourself at any time.
  8. We may send You certain communications relating to the Contest, such as service announcements and administrative messages, which are considered part of Your account.
  9. You can delete Your entire account at any time by contacting us; however, please note that Your information will be gone for good.