Announcing Capture Cincinnati IV

Announcing Capture Cincinnati IV

Greetings, Capture Cincinnati folks! It's an exciting day for Capture Cincinnati. Today, we are happy to announce the next book in the Capture Cincinnati series: Capture Cincinnati IV.

Building on the successes of the first three Capture Cincinnati volumes, Capture Cincinnati IV is an all-new book featuring the best photos of the Cincinnati area as photographed by area residents. This hardcover book offers a dramatic look at Cincinnati and surrounding areas in fine-art photography. Its large format, high-quality binding and unique content make it a collectors' item perfectly suited for your coffee table.

Get involved: We are accepting submissions for the Capture Cincinnati IV book now! Head to the Capture Cincinnati IV book page on the Capture Cincinnati site and click "opt in" near the top of the page. Upon opting in, all photos you've submitted in the past plus any new photos you submit are eligible for publication in the Capture Cincinnati IV book! Easy as that!

Vote: As always, only a limited number of photos can be selected for publication. How do we narrow down the photos from tens of thousands to a couple hundred for inclusion in the book? You are the answer! We need your help to determine which should be published! Jump in and vote "I dig it" for your favorite photos. Top-voted photos, as well as editors' picks, will be published in the book.

Special discounts: We have two special discount to offer Capture Cincinnati users. First, as an introductory offer, the first 150 customers to use coupon code "ccearlybird" can pre-order the Capture Cincinnati IV book for $19.95! That's 50% off! Once the first 150 copies are spoken for, we have a never-expiring discount for Capture Cincinnati insiders. Use coupon code "ccinsider" to save $10.

Jump in: If you haven't visited the Capture Cincinnati site in a while, now is a great time to jump back in. We revamped the experience from the ground up a couple months ago and recently released an updated dashboard, new voting method and more! As we venture into the next book phase, we invite you to submit some new photos, vote, and get re-aquatinted with Capture Cincinnati.

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published about 6 years ago in Capture Cincinnati News