Announcing Galleries and Albums

Announcing Galleries and Albums

Greetings Capture Cincinnati folks! We are excited to announce two new features we've been working on the past couple months: galleries and albums. Give us just a few moments to explain the basics of both features...

Galleries | A gallery is a showcase of amazing photography of the Cincinnati area curated by a Capture Cincinnati user or group of users. The idea is to present a beautiful display of photography for all to enjoy! Galleries can feature broad topics or narrow topics, or focus on an event, a place... the options are virtually limitless. Galleries display large photos from many different users in an artistic way.

The key principle for galleries is curation. Galleries are hand crafted by users to showcase something amazing, and can be added to at any time. Curators can also add their commentary with each photo to make a gallery even more engaging. A gallery is more than just a display of photos... it's a living art piece created and curated by users with a ton of care.

You can share galleries with your friends and family via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, so others can enjoy the beautiful display of Capture Cincinnati photography. Soon you'll be able to comment on galleries as well!

Check out some popular galleries, learn how to create a new gallery or read the full details on galleries.

Albums | An album is a way to group your photos on your public profile in a way that you want to show the world. The default view of your photos on your public profile page is ordered by most recently submitted. Creating albums give you full control to group similar photos and showcase them in style! You can order photos within albums however you want! Create an album for all of your flower photos, or your sunsets, or perhaps you're working on a photo essay that would work well in an album. Create as many albums as you'd like and showcase them on your profile page.

You can share your albums with your friends and family so folks can find your collections of photos easily.

Learn how to create an album or jump in and create an album now.

As a part of this update we also beefed up the search page, added gallery notification emails and activity items on your dashboard and refined a bunch of smaller things. We hope you enjoy albums and we would love to see some great galleries on Capture Cincinnati soon, so jump in and get started!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 5 years ago in Capture Cincinnati News