Capture Cincinnati Revamped

Capture Cincinnati Revamped

We are excited to announce an all-new Capture Cincinnati! The site has been completely redesigned to maximize beautiful photography of the Cincinnati area. We've also added a bunch of new features. Here are the highlights...

Huge Photos | The best part of Capture Cincinnati is the dramatic images photographers submit from across the area. Now, viewing photo on Capture Cincinnati is even better because we increased the display size of photos to fill the entire width of the site! Plus, clicking on a photo will isolate it on a dark background so you can focus in and soak up a photo's beauty.

Browsing | We rebuilt Capture Cincinnati to emphasize browsing of photos. Now you can easily navigate to the previous and next photos in a collection, like a category, group or user. To make things even easier, you can also use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to navigate. Read more about browsing if you want the full details.

Voting | We noticed folks were finding it harder and hard to vote "nix it" for a photo, so we did away with nixing of photos completely! Now, you browse photos within a collection, like a category, and vote "I dig it" for the ones you like. Navigate to the next photo if don't want to vote. Simple as that! Check out the voting FAQ page if you have any questions.

Popularity | Because of the new voting concept, we had to make some tweaks to the way photos are ranked. As with any ranking system, it's important to keep in mind no computer algorithm can accurately determine a photo's quality. That said, we think our new popularity system is a great way to highlight photos receiving a lot of positive attention. Read more about popularity if you want the nitty gritty. Oh, and don't worry: all of the previous "dig it" votes for your photos still count.

Photo of the Day | The Photo of the Day page has been completely redesigned to allow for a much larger display of photos. The redesign also allows for vertical photos to win the award. Yay! Check out the Photo of the Day page for today!

Much More | These are just a few of the new features you'll find on the revamped Capture Cincinnati. Jump in to see the new contests page, navigation, countdown clock, community page, groups, forums, award pages, FAQs, categories, profile views and so on.

We hope you enjoy the all-new Capture Cincinnati. We've been hard at work on these new features and even have a few more lined up in the coming months, including a mobile web app, a new dashboard and an adjustment to challenges... to name a few. Our aim is to make Capture Cincinnati the spot for Cincinnati-area photographers, Cincinnati photo enthusiasts and Cincinnati fans alike! If you haven't visited Capture Cincinnati in a while, we encourage you to jump back in and join the community of folks looking for the best of the Cincinnati area in photography!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 6 years ago in Capture Cincinnati News